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Fathers Day

In Thought of the Day on June 19, 2012 at 12:37 pm

Today is Day Zero? Day Zero of my marathon training plan. Zero is less than one of course, in most circles zero has no value. Today is Day Zero because it’s Fathers Day. As it turns out the marathon was a gift for Fathers Day from my wife. Inside the gift bag I opened this morning was a box of Clif Bars, two pairs of running socks, a couple of Clif Shots and the receipt from the marathon entry into the Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon (bucket list).

I have being floundering in my running lately. Sporadic is an understatement. I am actually scared to look and the mileage I have racked up in the last 4 months. So what gives? Why such a fall from grace. The list is endless but I don’t want to make excuses, I am responsible for me.

So when I opened my gift this morning I was dumbfounded. I thanked my wife for such a gracious gift and immediately my mind began to calculate dates, times, paces, schedules, and plans. Fear and anxiety came and was quickly replaced by confidence and bravado. I can do this.

The day continued on. I made the family breakfast. We went to the store to buy some flowers. We went to the cemetery and paid our respects to my wife’s dad. Tidied the house and packed for my trip to Edmonton. All the while thinking, planning my next move. Hanson’s or Higdon? No time to run today.

Lacrosse at 3, the last game of the regular season. Thank God the end is near! Coaching, managing, scheduling, executive meetings have taken its toll. The game was a loss and created more problems then anticipated. We are seeded last heading into the playoffs.

Running has always been my solace. My fortress of solitude! I needed this and although I am a father, husband, volunteer firefighter, coach, podcaster, and part-time philosopher, nothing can replace what running gives me? It is intangible, unquantifiable. I love it and it loves me back, most days.

Thank you Jen for giving me the spark once more