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Google earth Run

In Uncategorized on December 21, 2011 at 1:55 am

there is a black bear skating too!

i'm looking at the 2 rectangles in the middle

Tell me if you’ve ever done this? When I travel, I use Google earth for finding places to run. I know there are mapping programs like to track where you have run but I use it to find where I’m going to run in strange places. I have used it to track down tracks, you know 400m running tracks. I have used it to find paved trails. And I have used it to link up places where a foot bridge or pedestrian walkway might not be charted on the regular Google Maps. My eye in the sky rarely lets me down.

So you can imagine the intrigue I had when scoping out a nearby Edmonton area and I came across the image above. Obviously the picture is two dimensional, taken in summer time and the grass is green. I had an inclination but I wasn’t sure. After all, the picture was taken in the summer time but this is Canada eh!. So I got my ass out of bed and laced them up to satisfy my curiosity. I took a mental picture of where I was supposed to be left, left, right, left, and left again. It should be there in the middle of the field.

The roads were slushy. Typically Edmonton in December is sub zero both Fahrenheit and Celsius but this year I’ve been sort of lucky. I say sort of because I think I’d rather run in freezing temperatures on hard packed shoveled sidewalks than slushy foot soaking hypothermia inducing puddles.

So have you guessed it? My Google earth Edmonton crop circle that caught my eye is and outdoor hockey rink. I would have taken a better picture but it was still dark.