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It’s only numbers!

In Social Media on December 20, 2011 at 4:16 am

Well (Read with a bit of exasperation) it is coming close to year end. It is that time of year when runners or athletes in general start looking at the sum total of their years work. Reflect a little and maybe make a last minute push to some marker, some benchmark that will define their year. 2,500 miles or maybe 1,000 miles or kilometers, I am lucky to be Canadian because I can always flip between metric and the old Imperial system to make my number rounder or better.
To be quite honest I looked at my numbers and I paled by comparison at most of the people I associate with in the social media circles. I had a bad year, a slump, if you really want to call it that. I had a few injuries but not a lot, not enough to explain the numbers I had this year. According to the Daily Mile which I have used to track my mileage all year, I ran 753 miles. In 2010, using just Daily Mile I ran 1039 miles but I started in April. I got my Garmin in March so my mileage prior to that was all on Nike Plus or some other program. You’ll have to take my word for it my mileage is usually about 100 miles a month on average and about 1200 miles a year (I think). The year 2011 was a slump year.
Have you ever looked at your friends on Daily Mile and seen their mileage? Here is my Top 10 with a few comments from me
1) Alberto 4060 miles @TJrunr –WTF how do you say WTF in Espanol
2) Steve S – 2991 miles @britishbulldog inspirational!
3) Jason F 2881 miles @JasonFitz1
4) Brendan 2391 miles @MaineRunnah I will never ever beat Brendan to posting my mileage for the day first. Damn time zones
5) Running L 2386 miles @runninglam my favorite guest on Geeks in Running Shoes. Infectious laugh for sure
6) Travis L 2328 miles @travisliles What is amazing here is Travis did the freaking Grand slam of Ultras and placed 6th. WTF
7) David 2285 miles @runlikeamug who knew?!
8) Dirtdawg50K 1989 miles – @Dirtdawg50k well done Mike! A couple of marathons in there and about 40 or so podcasts.
9) Bamarunner 1935 miles @bamarunner– My unsung hero did his first 50 miler read his report here
10) Greg S 1812 miles –@drsmitty My beer drinking cyber buddy
I don’t even come close to my top 10 friends. I amy have in previous years but not recently. Should I get inspired or depressed? I think it’s all relative. One man’s 1000 miles is another man’s 2000. Next year will be my year. I plan to make my own top 10. But in the mean time congratulations to all Ultradad’s Top 10 of 2011.
Of course there is still 12 more days, maybe I’ll leave this open for anyone who want to friend me and make this list. The coolest thing would be to run a few more miles and qualify that way!


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