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Week 3 & 4: Travel, Snow and Cougars

In Pushing Limits, Training on January 31, 2012 at 10:25 pm

Week 4 has just finished and is now in the books. I neglected to re-cap on week 3 at the end of week only because week 4 was so tough to squeeze in anything: eat, sleep,run, work, work some more then repeat. At times it seemed like the repeat emphasis was on work.

During week 3, my little town of Mission received a blanket of snow that would not go away thus forcing me inside to the treadmill. At the same time our neighborhood received a cougar scare believe it or not so we became very diligent about keeping the kids inside and of course not running in the trails. I plodded along for the entire week on the treadmill getting in two outdoor runs near the end of the week. In total I reached my weekly sub- goal of 40 miles. Full disclosure I was 0.12 miles short of 40 but back in week 1, I was over my target so it kept me on pace.

Week 4, I was going to be traveling all week and in anticipation of a busy work schedule resigned myself to only bringing shorts and short sleeve technical shirts. I knew it would be heavy emphasis on work and not a lot of alone time to explore the city by foot. The week started well enough, I ran early Monday and later Monday for a rare double. In between was mostly travel driving up to Kamloops and picking up my team from the airport. Tuesday and Wednesday were tough. I started the days early and ran on the treadmill then worked some pretty long hours before grabbing some dinner and collapsing to bed. Thursday the intention was there but the body just said ‘No mas!’. Things weren’t going well at this installation. Frustration was at an all time high which you would think would make me want to run! Right?

Maybe it homesickness, maybe it was the talk on the phone with my wife about ultras or maybe it was the frustration of work but for whatever reason I woke up at 2 am on Thursday morning and started re-checking my work on the laptop. By the time 5 am rolled around I was exhausted but had to go to work.

Friday was an extra day on site. I had to check into a different hotel which I selected based solely on their fitness room. Feeling a little less burdened as this was my final day on site and I would just be tying up loose ends I ran. My intent was to go as long as I could. I knew I was behind for the week with a target of 45 miles so I wanted to make this a good one. All I had in me was 6 miles!

As it turned out that was my last run of the week, so I ended my week with 22 miles total. If I don’t run another step in January, this being the 31st, I will end the month with 129 miles. Not bad but I leave it on a low note. I’m trying! I’m really trying but I just have to re-assess.

My short term goal was 200 miles by February 5th. If I ran 45 last week I would be 49 miles from target. But I didn’t so now I’m 71 miles from target! It’s a long year and the big goal is still 2500 miles. I could push it, risk injury and get 71 over the next week or I could maintain the weekly target of 50 miles or I could sit on the couch until the rain goes away.