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Moustaches are best left for baseball players and guys who do movies with without clothes on. With one week left in Movember I can hardly wait for it to end.  Although I believe in the cause of raising awareness for men’s health issues, in particular prostate cancer,  I just can’t stand the look I see in the mirror.  You could go off on a tangent and say that it is symbolic of the struggles of men suffering from an illness they can’t control.  You might also say that it is a minor inconvenience a pittance in comparison to what a person with prostate cancer must endure.  Or you could say “Dude your ‘stache looks f__kin ridiculous!”   I hang my hat on the latter.

So with this being the final week of Movember, I take this opportunity to pay tribute to those runners with the best moustaches the running world has ever seen. I rank then in reverse order from worst to first:

10) Jerome Drayton –His 2:10.08 marathon win in Fukuoka in 1975 not only was his lifetime PR but it still stands as Canada’s marathon record.  He is without a doubt Canada’s most decorated marathoner with wins in Boston Marathon 1977 and 3 times at Fukuoka Marathon 1969, 1975 and 1977.  Jerome could have gone higher up the list but we’re Canadian we’re humble.

9) Abebe Bikila – Bikila brought Ethiopian runners to the main stage. Incredible Olympic Victory in Rome 1960 barefoot. The gold medal repeat 4 years later.  Probably as celebrated as Haile Gebreselassie in Ethiopia  the only stadium in the country bears his name.  Not much of a moustache.


Image8) Haile Gebreselassie – quite possibly the best runner the world has ever seen.  He has set many world records.  He has won a few Olympic Gold Medals to boot.  In Ethiopia, he is anicon with one of the major streets in the nation’s capital Addis Ababa bearing his name. But when I compiled this list I had to really look because it really isn’t much of a moustache.  Great runner, bad stache.

7) Ryan Hall – You are probably thinking “what? Ryan Hall doesn’t have a moustache but in the time immediately following his break from Terrence Mahon, Ryan grew a full beard and moustache.  It could have been letting himself go and lack of personal grooming but it was pretty burly.


6) Lasse Viren – great runner! He was most famous for his 5000m 10,000m double double Gold  Medals at the Munich and Montreal Games.  Viren goes low on this list because of the beard, call it jealousy because I can’t grow one but beards and running just don’t seem to go together.


Image5) Amby Burfoot – another great runner.  Great writer too! How often do you get runner’s who write well?  Ambrose Burfoot won the Boston Marathon back in the 1968 without the beard and moustache he sports today.  Amby is one step higher up than Viren, only because he’s writes real good! (Tongue in cheek)


Image4) Brian Sell –I like Brian.  His acumen appeals to me.  He is kind of a working man’s runner.  I remember the pre-Olympic hype talking about all the hopefuls and there is Brian Sell working at Home Depot and selling shoes at Hansen’s on the side.  Throw in a hundred mile training week to qualify for the Olympic Marathon team and this guy is hardcore in my book.  Great stache too!

3) Rob De Castella – also known as Deek.  This Aussie set a world record in the marathon back in 1979.  Of course it has since been broken several times.  De Castella has wins in major marathons including Fukuoka 1981 (WR 2:08.18),Rotterdam 1983 andBoston 1986. And what a great moustache.

Image2) Frank Shorter – what more can be said about Frank.  Olympic gold followed up with Olympic Silver.  His Gold Medal win sparked the running boom back in the 70’s.  Today Frank doesn’t sport a moustache, I guess he’s done his time.



1) Steve Prefontaine – If you type running and moustache into any search engine on the internet and you will get back pictures of Pre.  In his short stellar iconic career Steve Prefontaine embodied gutsy determination and charismatic style.  There hasn’t been anybody like him since.  Pre ran the early years at Oregon sans moustache but at the pinnacle of his career his face adorned the best running moustache the world has ever known.

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