About Rob

I’m a would be blogger. A father of 4 wonderful (most of the time) children. A husband to a supportive wife. A runner who likes marathons and ultras. A volunteer firefighter. And more recently a lacrosse coach

  1. Rob,
    Listened to your latest podcast today on my way home from work. Dude, if we could ever get the chance to run together I would love it. You had me cracking up with the DTI Factors and just the overall conversation. I was so wishing I could have been there to chat with you along that 10 mile run. There were so many times you would comment and I would think, “yep” and then chuckle. I’m sure I looked just as crazy driving down the road laughing as you felt when coming up on someone while you were talking.
    Keep the podcasts coming! Hope things work out so you can get that 55k in this year … just keep mama happy 🙂

  2. Rob, just wanted to commend you on your 2 recent podcasts. I listen to them on my run today. I loved the couchdad0k. That whole show reminded me a lot of Gordon’s old show. Lots of stream of consciousness with some self deprecating humor. The Jarvis episode was really good. When he said ‘I feel an impending bowel movement coming on’ I lost it. He has to be a recurring character in your show. I’m not a writer as you are but I see a lot of potential in him. All the best to you and your family. Keep up the great work on the show.
    Bill bigbillrunner Lynn
    P.s. love the intro power chords

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