Hunting for Huntsville

In Thought of the Day on February 23, 2012 at 8:37 am

I remember family vacations as a kid. They left memories that I hold on to fondly to this day. I don’t know what it was, whether it was the fact the I got my father’s undivided attention when we went fishing off the dock or just the feeling of family unity as we did everything together. We ate together, fished together, and slept in a very cramped hotel room together. The Holiday Inn in Huntsville Ontario holds a warm spot in my heart. I’m sure it has changed a dozen times over since I was a kid but the memories are so forged in my mind that I could paint a picture of the hotel lobby, the walk down to the lake and the feeling of the prickly pine needles as we took that walk down to the lake. Some 40 years later and I am literally in the drivers seat, I have kids of my own and my wife and I are planning are own family vacation.

It’s a self serve world today. Everything is based on convenience and self indulgence. It would be so easy to pay the price and go to Disneyland or even Great Wolf Lodge (both of which we’ve done) but I want something different. Last year we rented a house in Pacific City, Oregon. I had an incredible time. I would hope my kids would say the same. Honestly, full disclosure, I think the best part was no WiFi! The house had no Internet connection so we were left to our own devices. We watched TV together because there was only one TV. We watched the owners collection of movies together, most of which I had seen twenty years before. There must have been a sale on ‘B’ movies at the local grocery store. We went crabbing. We flew kites. We went sand boarding. We did everything together.

So this year, the question is ‘how do I top that?’ The answer?! You don’t! I just chalked up a Huntsville Holiday Inn experience. My kids may not appreciate it now or maybe even ever. I’ve never reminisced with my brother and sister about our childhood vacations so I don’t know how it affected them. Those vacations were important to me, more now in retrospect. They were key bonding moments or at least I am brainwashed to believe it so. I am now hunting for another house in the same city as last year, around the same time of year. I am determined to find another Huntsville.


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