Week 2: Snow

In Training on January 20, 2012 at 7:07 am

It’s all in the execution! With week 2 of 2012 now in the books I covered 35 miles as planned but it was a stretch. Two days left in the week saw snow in my hometown for the first time this winter. The first night saw about 5″ of snow which is odd for the west coast which usually sees rain from November to February. What is more usual is the snow never melted and it just kept snowing. We are now on our third day of snow.
From a runner’s perspective snow always presents a bit of a challenge.
The snow budget in my city is next to nil. Like I said it rains from November to February.
I’ve been to cities that have a great snow budget. It’s probably one of the only redeeming qualities of Edmonton. I can run freshly plowed sidewalks for miles in Edmonton. In Mission I can’t see sidewalks and to run the streets means to share single tracks with the cars who have never heard of the term “snow tires”. Who ever coined the term “all season tires” must have lived in California.

So I finished up the week on the treadmill. I’m one of those fortunate enough to own his own. It’s clunky, it’s loud and best of all it was free a hand me down from my mother’s fitness resolution some 15 years ago. So when they down sized homes 8 years ago I adopted a treadmill.

Its a love-hate relationship. I love to run but I hate to run on the treadmill. I love the fact that when the weather gets ugly the treadmill is there for me. Yes, I realize this relationship sounds abusive and if the thing had feelings it would have left me long ago. But it has to be really bad in order for me to want to run in place on top of a rubberized moving platform. So there I was 7 miles on Saturday and 6 1/2 on Sunday, finishing the week with 35 miles exactly my target goal!
This week will be a stretch a quick trip to Edmonton where it’s -27C right now. I will be back tomorrow night. A one day trip to Kelowna and then home for two days. The forecast for home is snow all week. The goal for this week is 40 miles. I’m going to take it one day at a time because just like the weather things may change.


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