What could you do with 2,500 miles?

In Training on January 6, 2012 at 10:51 am

2500 miles in one year:
48.07 miles per week.
6.83 miles per day everyday

A podcast friend of mine finished off his 2011 running campaign with just over 2500 miles (I believe it was 2518 miles but don’t quote me). The effort was purely inspiring and I for one of many am always impressed by his fitness. What was impressive was, with 9 days left in the year he had 85 miles to break 2,500. He doubled his daily average for 9 straight days to seal the deal.

To run 2,500 miles in one year is daunting. To look at the number on in January is even more daunting. I don’t necessarily want to run 2,500 miles in one year. I love to run don’t get me wrong but 2,500 miles can be represented in many other ways.

2,500 miles is 416 hours and 40 minutes of running, that’s like 17 days 8 hours and 40 minutes of running based on a 10 minute per mile pace. That’s like Hmmm, well what else could I be doing with that time?

I could be watching every episode of first three seasons the Big Bang Theory end to end excluding commercials 12 ½ times.

Or about 116 games of major league sports whether its football, baseball, or basketball based on a 3 ½ hour game coverage. That’s about 2.2 games per week every week.

Or compose about 20,000 tweets plus update my blog, Facebook status and search for deals on Craigslist!

I guess my point is there are a lot of non-life force generating activities that I could be doing instead of running. Running is good for me. It creates “Flow”!

I think my “A” goal for this year is going to be 2000 miles. I will be happy with that. My “A+” goal will be 2500 miles. I’m going to break it down into achievable benchmarks to make I’m on track. I’m not going to simply divide by 12 and say this is the monthly goal. I am a believer in slow build to a peak period (periodization) a recovery period and start the cycle again.
My first benchmark is the first 5 weeks of 2012. My goal is 200 miles by February 5th. Five successive weeks of 5 mile increments: 30, 35, 40, 45, and 50. At that point I will re-assess.

  1. Great post Rob. I am looking foward to following your progress, and maybe at some point joining you out there. At least as an aid station on one of your long runs…

  2. Sometimes I’ve thought about multitasking while I run. Like listening to books on tape or studying Chinese or something, which would make it easier to justify the time I spend running. But then it wouldn’t be running anymore.

  3. Its amazing to break it down like that. Puts things into perspective… I will be rooting for you though! You can do it!

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